Been meaning to post some pictures of the kids for ages, but a request from the lovely [ profile] kaths has gotten me off my arse.

Lex Tardis Mk1_0004
Lex's TARDIS before we drew the lines on it. He adores this utterly. You may not be able to tell, but he's actually hiding inside it. There are subtle clues if you look.

Lex Tardis Mk1_0011

MaybeZoe in action.

Morning Coffee Lex_0009
Lex is no good without his morning pretend cup of coffee.

Nothing to see here.

Out and About_0032
Shaz and the kids.

Lex Egg Hunt 2011_0023
After I got back from Perth, we set up an Easter Egg hunt for Lex.

Zoe standing_0011
MaybeZoe practices her standing with Nana Lola looking on.

Frost patterns_0009
Lines of frost on my car's windscreen last Thursday.

Dog Dish Ice_0003
Lex checking out the ice from Kal's dog dish the same day. I think he found the leaf frozen inside it particularly fascinating.

Zoe Antics_0003
Do I know how to read yet?

LZ Window_0003
Lex and MaybeZoe looking out the window.

First Cooma Snow_0017
The backyard at Cooma this morning.

First Cooma Snow_0021
I love seeing snow sitting on things.

First Cooma Snow_0023
The washing line with ice/snow. The dark lump on the left is a small cocoon.

First Cooma Snow_0038
Lex's frizbee this morning.
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