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( Nov. 23rd, 2005 05:01 pm)
Mel sent me this in response to my Senggol post. Given that it was going to be a lengthy reply, I thought I'd whack it here...

"Ok I can understand Ken being "The clown" but why am I "The Rock", unless you know two other people of the same names ?"

I thought that The Rock and Kosick rhymed enough for it to work. Here's written version of the adlibs. Naturally they weren't delivered as well as this, but it'll give you an idea.Read more... )
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( Nov. 22nd, 2005 06:43 pm)
Be meaning to write about this since last week. Collected my DVD from the mockumentary. And they gave me a t-shirt! Very cool! I think they were rather thrown by how enthusiastic I was to get a Senggol T-shirt, but then again, they don't know me very well :)

I have to be honest though. I love the t-shirt but it's not quite right. It says "Senggol Frenzy" but it has three figures standing in the Sanggol triangle. Which looks less like a frenzy and more like a polite conversation. However, that's being picky and I really love the shirt *grin*

Now to the flick. I didn't cringe watching myself in this one. All I had to do was deliver bullshit with a straight face, which I'm sure many of you would say is pretty natural for me. They also had me do a bunch of adlibs, and one of those got into the DVD. Sadly it wasn't the ones where I talked about Mel "The Rock" Kosick and Ken "The Clown" McCaw, but there you go.

All up, I'm really impressed with the DVD. It looks very, very good. It feels like a real behind the scenes style doco and it looks great. It's good enough that I think it would take people a minute or two to realise it's not real. The script is clever and most of the performances are quite good.

The one thing I was worried may have hurt the film was that in the script many scenes ended with a gag. Given it was meant to be done straight, I was worried that this may spoil the effect. However the edit on the DVD loses all but one of these gags and I think it really helps the production. The gags now appear in the closing credits, with the best at the end, played to perfection by the actress. I also loved the two Senggol fans. Their final gag is pretty darn good as well.

There are only two actors I think are a bit weak in it, and that's more because they seem to be playing for laughs rather than playing straight. They aren't bad, it's just their delivery is out with the overall tone. The only other problem is that it's not made terribly clear as to what made Jack break. I know, but I've read the script. A couple of the edits are a bit rough but these are minor complaints. Over all, it looks slick and professional.

Very proud to have been a part of this one.
Friday night I went to the screening of Untitled Shoot-Out #1, or as I like to call it, the Gangster Flick. It was nice to see the folks again. USO1 was a great shoot. Well organised with a bunch of pretty likeable people.

Allowed an hour and quarter to get into the city and was still late thanks to traffic, but managed to get into the lecture theatre just moments before the flick was shown. Andrew (the director) told us just before it screened that it wasn't finished yet.

It looked pretty slick. They were going for a comic book style to the framing, which included things like rotoscoping around some folks, and it looks great. During the shoot-out there are six frames onscreen in a range of colours, one for each of the gangsters ,and we each fade out as we get gunned down. Verra cool. More below, and a photo... )
I went for a part in a student mockumentory last week. It was about a sport called Senggol and they wanted people who could adlib and be spontaneous. I sent them all the usual details and and then added this in, for a bit of fun and to show them I could come up with silly bulldust -

Plus my grandfather, Gordon Oz, played Senggol way back in the early days when there were less rules to the sport. He was brutal, they used to call him the white terrier. The nickname came out of an early match where he won by calling his bull terrier and having it attack his opponent. There was nothing in the rules to say it was illegal, so he won the match. About a year later they added the 'no attack dogs' rule. Granddad said the sport went downhill after that, became too commercial.

So, I get an audition and the folks are really nice. We're chatting around and I read for a couple of parts and they ask me if I want to be the sports commentator. Yay! As we're chatting, suddenly one of them asks, in a halting way, if what I wrote about my grandfather was real or made up. I told them it was made-up.

The relief that washed through the room was amazing! I had thrown them into confusion - they were sure that Senggol was made up but then they get a guy talking about his family history with the thing and suddenly they just weren't sure any more. They started asking about, and researching again, trying to see if anyone else knew about this sport called Senggol, terrified that they'd have to make huge changes.

We all had a good laugh after that - though I think mine was still a less stressed one :)
I just recieved the following email -

Dear Danny,

Thank you so much for auditioning for our production. The key creative team and I have reviewed the tape and were very impressed with your performance, however, we regret to inform you that you did not get the role this time.

It really was a pleasure to meet you and workshop your talents and ideas, and I hope that you will allow us to keep your CV and headshot in order to contact you for any future productions. I will also definitely recommend you to my colleagues if ever they are looking for actors.

You have a wonderful on-screen presence and I am grateful to have come to know you as a person as well as an actor. I hope that we get the chance to work together someday.

Thank you again and best wishes for the rest of the year.

Kind regards,

Bloody hell! What can I say? If I'm going to get rejected on my birthday, I want it to happen this way! Stunned and overwhelmed...
A dark, nasty little script by David Jackson, who worked as Assistant Director to Tom Kinsman on Burley. Apparently he thought I'd be good in the role of the bartender in The Snuff Machine but had already cast somebody else. Fortunately for me, winged blue monkeys kidnapped the other guy and David asked me if I'd like to do it. So I turned up to The Soak on Tuesday for filming. A Meg and a bit of pics below the cut... )
These pics are from my second night on set. There's a lot of them below the cut, so be prepared.

Over a Meg of pics beyond this point. You have been warned... )

At around 2:30 in the morning, we were finished. But not the crew. They had to hang back for goodness knows how long to clean up the blood, since the venue was being used for a wedding the next day. Special big thanks to Christian for bringing us all together. Laura, James, and the rest of the crew, who all looked after us, and a special big thank you to Angela's Mum, for her very kind words to me at the end of the shoot.

Even if she did make me go all shy, the bugger!

This film was a little different. There were more problems than with the others, simply because of its size and complexity, but I came away from this one with a bunch of people that I want to catch up with socially.

David who played the Devil, I only saw him during rehearsals, but he's a dude. Jane, who did my make-up, was a real sweetheart, the sort of person I have to stop myself from spontaneously hugging. Angela was great too, as were the rest of the make-up team. I'd be really happy to work with any of them again. Colin and Peter are both dudes! Alan is one of those guys you can't help but like. Nadine was great to work with, she and I hit it off right from the start and only stopped chatting when tiredness overcame us both.

I want to hear from all of you, ok?

This one is by far the biggest student film I've done. We had make-up, several locations and quite a few extras. I also played two separate roles! I'm missing a whole bunch of names on this one, so fill-ins would be lovely, thank you.
Half a Meg of pics below the cut... )
I have to admit, I was a little sceptical about this one. Almost no dialogue and it's basically a bunch of blokes blowing each other away. However, once I got to our rehearsal I saw how they were approaching it and was impressed, then I saw the animated storyboards and was over the moon. Over 1 meg of pics behind cut... )

Edit Notes
I've gone through and changed the thumbnails back to full sized piccies. This is more because I actually prefer to have the full sized pics than the thumbnails, I just thought it was kinder to people's bandwidth to go the extra step. But no-one said they preferred being able to click the thumbnails and I noticed that comments on my pics dropped off as well, so what the hell...

NEXT POST - Rock and Roll Stars, God, Zombies and 70's Porn Star Danny
Okay, I'm still stuffed from shooting Dudes of Doom, to the point where I opted out of today's committee meetings so I could sleep in. Didn't work, I was awake by 8:30 and feeling stuffed.

Anyway, below the cut is a bunch of piccies taken from one of the student films I've done over the last couple of few weeks. They'll all be done as thumbnail links to Imageshack. Got some catching up to do on these, I've done two since this one! No details as to the plot, you can find that out during the Danny Oz film festival...Just over half a meg of pics below the cut... )


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