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( Nov. 21st, 2010 10:15 pm)
There's been so much I've been wanting to write about in detail over the last few weeks, but given I started this nearly two weeks back, detail is obviously not going to happen, so it's dot point time!

Life and assorted bits... kinda long... some Too Much Information at the end, so possibly want to avoid if you're delicate, a relo, or both... )
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( Sep. 22nd, 2009 10:34 am)
* April and Andy visited on the weekend. Yay!

* My car indicator continues to play up. Boo!

* Sharon and I got to go see Up on Sunday. It was good and didn't stupidly pander to the 3D. Yay!

* Sharon's grandpa died Sunday night. He was an awesome old bloke. Boo!

More under cut, some TMI... )
In the last week or so, I've had a small bunch of concerned friends contact me privately to ask if I was okay, as I haven't been posting much for a while. Everything's cool, I've just been balancing being busy with my limited mental/physical energy, and some things, like LJ, are tending to suffer.

Thank you for the thoughts! I have been wanting/trying to put stuff up, but just not finding the time. Now some quick dot points and a picture... Read more... )
* I made banana and walnut muffins today, and they were yummy. I gave half to Bill and Diane from the Post Office, because they are lovely people and I didn't manage a Chrissy prezzie for them last year.

* Our estate agent has put back our rent inspection a month at my request. Basically told her we were in the middle of sorting/rearranging, and the house would be a mess.

Cut for extreme length, and because there's nothing overly exciting... )
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( Nov. 3rd, 2008 04:10 pm)
The last three to four months have been different for me, dream-wise. I rarely ever remember my dreams, but over the previous few months, I've remembered quite a few, and all bar one have been sexual in nature.

Remembering dreams = unusual.
Remembering sex dreams = like hens teeth.

Rarely a week has gone by without at least one. What has been especially interesting is that each dream has involved someone different. It's like my subconscious has reacted to the lack of orgasms in my life by working it's way through my friends. The exceptions have been notable only in that few of them are the people I'd really like to sleep with. Not to say some of the others aren't in the phwoar category.

The one non-sex dream I had? I was in Broken Hill and dreamed that just before leaving on the trip I'd seen a brief mention on LJ (which I hadn't even really been skimming since Lex came along) that suggested the possibility that [livejournal.com profile] harveystoat might have died.

I spent a chunk of the day going through LJ and Facebook looking for any mention to establish what I was sure of - that John was still alive. Took a while, but found something just before I was going to be forced to ring him.

Dude, you so need to post more often!
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( Nov. 3rd, 2008 12:39 am)
Few things are as effective at curtailing one's attempt at pre-bed onanism than having a spider drop down from the ceiling and run across one's arm.

I'm just glad that only my arm was bare at that point.

Anyone else have any stories of interruption they'd like to share?
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( Apr. 29th, 2008 01:53 pm)
This post has ended up as a kind of an informal sequel to this 100 Days post. No need to read it, just mentioning it for those who are interested.

While I was in Melbourne, a comment from a friend of mine woke me to a whole attitude towards nudity and sex that I wasn't consciously aware I carried. The young lady in question is one of those folks that fits into two smallish camps - people I'd like to have sex with, and people who I'd like to photograph naked.

Now the two don't necessarily go together. And before I go into the personal revelation, I want to have a go at explaining the difference. One of those long, rambly, introspective posts. Possibly NSFW, hard to say... )
And given events today, this seems like a good topic.

Answers to the poll are unviewable by anyone except myself. The comments are all screened. Say yes at the end of your comment if you want it unscreened.

Semen Donor Poll )
Got this with many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sootysmudge, and been meaning to put it up for a while, like so many, many things.

Article/interview below cut )

And having spoken to the journalist from The Australian, it looks like she'll be coming to Canberra in a couple of weeks to interview me about sperm donation, and it sounds like she wants to talk to Sharon as well! Exciting times!
Just had a phone call. I may be doing another interview on being a sperm donor for The Australian. I feel quite cheery and chuffed about this.

The only sad side is that the journalist is from Sydney. Why is that a sad side? I've been asked because they couldn't find anyone in Sydney willing or able to do it.

Which isn't surprising - last I heard there were five active sperm donors in the whole of NSW.
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( Feb. 8th, 2008 04:00 pm)
Was wandering around the internet, looking for something to do with Skeletor/Hordak, and came across The First Cut, a site about circumcision that proudly proclaims "An Unbiased Look At An Ancient Tradition".

Now it does present two sides of the argument, with a bunch of facts that I've seen several times before that ignore some things and concentrate on others - I'm used to that on the net. What I'm curious about is the use of language.

I would be genuinely interested in other people's perspectives on this. I'm curious to see whether or not other people find that the site presents its info with a subtle level of bias in the way it phrases things.
In the absence of actual content... Read more... )
Why Should We Have Sex? 20 Good Healthy Reasons

And at the other end of things, a piece on the regulation GO-1A banning porn for soldiers. It's an interesting one, not because of the porn ban, what else does one expect from America (yes, go out and fight and maim and kill people, but don't look at naughty pictures!), but because of a side note about how under the same regulation servicemen are banned from keeping pets. More on that side of things here
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( Nov. 6th, 2007 04:25 pm)
I don't know that these are legit, but given some of the stuff I've read over the years in supposedly serious fiction, it wouldn't surprise me...

A list which compiles 13 awful euphemisms taken from actual romance manuscripts.... )
Was just talking vibrators with a friend, and became curious to see if 'my' vibrator, the one that is a good analogue for my willy, is still on the market.

And it is! Yay!

Okay, one online shop has it marked down, but it's still out there. I used to be mortified at the idea of my faux penis being bought and sold - these days I'm kind of pleased.

It's nice to be wanted, even in a small way *grin*


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