Both kids are still a bit crook, but not too bad. We're getting stuff packed, so it's happening. We're going to Continuum 7. Hooray!

For those on my friends list who don't know, Friday night of the con is free! So you can try it out, and if you like Continuum (and what's not to like? It's awesome!) you can buy a day or full membership to go to the rest of the con. And if you know anyone who has been curious about conventions, Friday night is a great taster for them, so let them know!

From: [identity profile]

Strange But True: The power of my squee right now could run all of Melbourne for a year.

From: [identity profile]

I'm terribly tempted to try to squeeze that into the alternative energy panel.

Good to hear. I am also packed pretty much, doing a few things around the house and then off on the first part of the adventure. Getting to the airport via public transport. I'm quite looking forward to it and expect to get to airport way way ahead of time.

From: [identity profile]

Oooh, free? I might drag my unemployed & stingy self out for the evening, then:)

From: [identity profile]

yay for being able to make it!

If you get this in time, can you bring Trev's convertor thingymajig?

From: [identity profile]

Brought along one of Gen's friends who has never been to a con before. She had a good time, but did hang out in the Games room drawing for part of the time.

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