I'm not talking about any particular dalek story here. The latest one has mainly been a catalyst for making me want to put these thoughts out there again. Naturally Steven reads my LJ, and values my opinion, so I'll be expecting a reply from him any day now.


Dear Mr. Moffat, I'm not going to beat around the bush here - I love the Daleks. They are my favourite villains. So I would like to request fewer Dalek stories in Doctor Who, please. Read more... )
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( Jul. 16th, 2009 11:06 am)
There's a meme going around for first lines from published stories and for first lines from works in progress, so here goes... Read more... )
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( Jul. 16th, 2009 11:06 am)
There's a meme going around for first lines from published stories and for first lines from works in progress, so here goes... Read more... )
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( May. 8th, 2009 11:42 pm)
Finished, and only a friggin' week early! Read more... )
I have now seen it. I thought it was a good film, with an interesting concept/conceit - until the last ten minutes when it breaks the Monty Python rule.

There's a rule of comedy that I heard many years ago, attributed to the boys from Monty Python - If you have four men standing in dustbins talking, you don't need to explain it. The audience will accept it. But if someone then walks on in a business suit, you need an some sort of explanation. - It's a rule I think works equally well for any bit of writing.

Rant on Knowing that will contain massive spoilers for the end of the movie - Oh, and there's a fair bit of swearing - you have been warned... )
So Thursday night I had problems with my clutch (oo-er!), then the fridge died yesterday - and today, the internet exploded!

Long story short, someone attacked a reviewer for giving their work a bad review, which prompted someone else to write a piece effectively saying that if your writing is for public consumption - grow a fucking backbone (my wording, not his) and learn to take criticism.

My take on this is that I like criticism. I haven't had anything published for a while, but that's because much as I tried to continue on post-stroke, it was just too hard and disheartening. But I think I"m getting my mojo back.

I think good negative criticism helps you find the flaws in your writing, and bad negative criticism is something to be ignored. I'm not talking about anyone in particular here, but bad critics are usually more concerned with how cleverly worded their put-downs are, than giving a balanced review.

But for me, the unforgivable sin in reviewing is to spoil the story for the reader. You don't give away plot twists, you certainly don't tell people how it ends - but some reviewers do just that.

When I am actually writing, I put up all the reviews I can find, positive and negative. For me personally, part of being a writer is to take the negative reviews and acknowledge them. They are valid opinions. I don't have to agree with them, but they are just as valid as my hatred of Van Helsing, and my love of Zoolander.

So, am I wrong to write comments about the reviews, or to mess about and play silly buggers? I don't know. Given that virtually no part of my life is hidden in this LJ, it would feel weird not to comment on the reviews.

So here are links to my comments and reviews for Of the Mermaid and Jupiter, Best Seller, and two lots for Sold Out.

I'd be interested in people's opinions. Have I crossed the line without realising?
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( Dec. 12th, 2008 09:53 am)
Lex woke me at six, and rather than try to get back to sleep when I knew it was pointless, I got up and blearily started to wrap parcels. Nearly caught up on the business ones! Yay!

Then around nine, a story idea that appeared in my head last night crystalised into something writable. And so thirty minutes later, I had a 1000 word character piece which, unlike my last effort, doesn't totally suck. Oh, it needs a good edit and some tweaks, but I'm happy with it. Probably a 7/10, possibly an 8/10 if I get the editing right.

Just feels nice to have written something that someone may actually like to read. *happy sigh*
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( Nov. 27th, 2008 10:23 pm)
I wrote 764 words Tuesday night. It's the first bit of fiction writing I've tried in quite a while.

It's all tripe.

I don't normally come away from something I've written thinking it's crap. Rough, simplistic, needs work maybe, but not rubbish. I can see the gleam of the ideas and people, I just need to polish them. This was a turd.

What makes it especially interesting and frustrating is that I had this entire first bit in my head, and knew it worked, and what went down on the page wasn't what was in my head. Even now, I have it in my head, and I don't know how what came out on the page got there. Even as I typed it, I knew I wasn't saying what I wanted to. Never had that trouble before. Oh I may not have the exact words, I may not have captured the feeling I was going for, but I was usually at least in the right general area.

On the plus side, I don't think there's any random words or sentences, which was a big problem for a while after the stroke. And my spelling has gone to hell, but it's not like my spelling was brilliant to start.

Interesting to try and start again, but the new issues are disheartening. Oh well, I can but try.
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( Nov. 12th, 2007 04:25 pm)
Ok, so had a fair weekend. Drove to Sydney for Lewis' 50th birthday. Left at about 8am, the drive was good, about four hours, though I only just got through my two hour shift. Lewis was quite surprised to see us there and we had a good yak.

Lewis and Marilyn came back to Nick and Adrian's and we all chatted for a while, and geeked out about the Zero X from Thunderbirds. Nick, Adrian, Sharon and myself all crashed out pretty quickly after the birthday boy had left.

The next day we went for a walk and Nick showed me the gallery he wants me to do an exhibition of my photography at. I had in my mind some little dinky local gallery... this is not what I had in mind. It's kind of big. And impressive. Not the sort of place a working class, barefooted drover expects to have his happy snaps shown to the world.

Not intimidated at alllll...

A few other bits and bobs, mainly cut for length and the sanity of those that get sick of reading about when I'm not doing well... )
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( Nov. 6th, 2007 04:25 pm)
I don't know that these are legit, but given some of the stuff I've read over the years in supposedly serious fiction, it wouldn't surprise me...

A list which compiles 13 awful euphemisms taken from actual romance manuscripts.... )
Today's story is here for those that want to read it.

My favourite story so far is Memento by [livejournal.com profile] rwrylsin. Check it out.
Well, I've gone and joined NanoWriMo. No I didn't forget to capitalise the second 'n', 'cause this ain't about writing a novel in a month, this is about writing a new piece of flash fiction every day for the whole of November.

Given my mental state, I doubt I'll get far. But if I get more than two done, I'll be happy.

Never written flash fiction before - this should be interesting...
Just after the penis post in 100 Days, I was put onto a series of posts by a young woman regarding her genitalia issues. Completely different to mine of course, we have different bits for a start! But raw, honest, powerful, and all the sorts of things people say about my posts. I didn't get around to commenting at the time, I wasn't reading much in general because of my concentration, and so after going through a chunk over a few days, life got in the way and I forgot to go back to it again.Read more... )
Shit. You know the problem with becoming the world (apart from Debbie's unceasing fat jokes)? Time gets measured differently. I turn my back for a minute and suddenly the Aztecs haven't been around in like forever! No more blood and hearts for me *sniffles*

Guess I went through all that for nothin' huh? None of the noobs wandering around on me now know how to sacrifice to me or nothin'. *sigh*

And to top things off, I think I've caught something. I'm running a temperature.
Okay, well the other gods realised they'd made a bad call, and are gunna make sure I get lots of blood an hearts to eat. Yay for human sacrifice!
Okay, my last post, where I said Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca were nice. Just delete that from you minds okay? Why? Well, they only turned into snakes and pulled me in two! So now I've got people and stuff growing all over my head and shoulders, and for the rest of me it's like everyone's my gynocologist!

And the other gods, what have they done about it? My compo is I get to give people what they need to survive! Me! How is that my friggin' compensation?

So I've put on a bit of weight. I'm eating a lot. Debbie says it's cos I've got so many mouths, and I'm like STFU bitch! I'm friggin' depressed, ok? My kids tried to kill me and I had a bloody big warrior pop out of me and massacre them all! Show some compassion, bitch!

Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca are a comfort though. And they make so many nice things to eat! Yum!
I have had the worst day ever! Seriously! It started when I couldn't find my skirt, you know, the snake one. I fuggin LOVE that skirt cos it shows off my legs an now I can't find it. I asked Coyolxauhqui if she had borrowed mummy's skirt for her doof, but she's acting like a little bitch right now, so I couldn't get a straight answer.

Anyway I was sweeping temple an I found a ball of feathers right? An like, no-one owned it or anything, it was just a ball of feathers. So I picked it up and stuck it down my cleavage, cos I thought it might feel nice, an it did. STFU anyone who calls me perve, it's like a feather boa for my girls, ok?

So I went to look for it a while ago and couldn't find it! I was like, WTF?! It's not like my titties could eat feathers! Anyway, I start to feel strange and guess what! Preggers again! How did I get preggers from feathers? What sort of feathers do that to a girl?

Man, I wish I'd had sex ed at school is all I'm sayin'.

Worst is my kids don't believe their mum :(


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